Sendergram enables you to connect cloud storage services you already use (Dropbox, GDrive, Youtube, Vimeo). Don't worry only you can access the files!

  • Access the Account link from the top navigation bar

  • Select the Services tab on the left hand side
  • Select the blue Add a storage service button

  • A list of available storage services will display

  • To start select at least one of your storage services. You can connect more services later. You can also add multiple accounts from the same service. As example you can add a personal and a company Dropbox account.

  • Once you have selected a service, an authorization screen will display. Select Allow

  • After selecting Allow you will be returned to the Services screen. The selected service will be displayed. You can repeat the above directions to keep adding additional services.

  • Labeling a service: Selecting the pencil icon displays a control panel to add a storage label. As example, you can create and identify different services for different uses. As example, you could rename accounts Sales, Marketing, Accounting or organize services into personal and business accounts. The label name only displays on Sendergram no changes are made to the storage service itself.