1. ADMIN SETTINGS: If you are a Company Administrator a link to the company admin settings will display on your dashboard in the top left-hand corner below the Channel Selector.

  1. PEOPLE: Selecting people enables you to invite people, set their access and change it

  2. RECIPIENTS without an account: Recipients who receive a Sendergram from you don't have to have an account on Sendergram. This is the list of recipients who do not have an account on Sendergram.

  3. INVITE REQUESTS: Recipients can request to sign up to a company. The company admin can accept or refuse a request.

    Company Admins can add company-wide shared cloud storage services
    Company shared storage services can be accessed by all company users
    Guests and recipients who have not signed up cannot access company storage
    Users have read access only to send files and cannot modify the storage account

  5. BRANDING: Set the account name, about link, a banner for recipient landing pages, the Sendergram header