It's important to take the time to set up your account to ensure you receive all the benefits of FileProtected. 

Email Invite

  1. When you receive your invite email, select the link and you will be directed to FileProtected's login page
  2. Add a password and follow the instructions. 
  3. Verify your account. Check your email Inbox and Spam. Click the JOIN FileProtected link 


Fill out your profile

  1. Display Name will display on all registrations and communication
  2. Portfolio handle: This is the link to your portfolio of work
  3. Email: The email address will be used on all registrations and communications. It is also used to retrieve the avatar you host on Gravatar if you have one. 
  4. Social: Please provide at least 2 of your social media accounts by entering the URLs to your profile below. This information is required to help verify your identity. The more links you add the more effective the registration will be. This links will also appear on all registrations.
  5. Date/Time: Set the Date and time format. Search for your Timezone by city. REMEMBER to press Save Changes

Add Storage

Connect the storage services you already use like Google Drive, Dropbox, and YouTube. Don't worry nobody except you can access or view your files. Just follow the on-screen instructions to authorize access and connect your storage to your FielProtected account.

Open accounts if you don't have any. All offer free service. You can add multiple accounts from the same or different services. We will be adding more very soon!

  1. Select the blue button
  2. A list of the available storage options will display
  3. After your selection, follow the instructions to connect your accounts - TIP: Sign in to your accounts first in your browser
  4. The selected account(s) will display under storage services
  5. You can name each service like "Recent Work" or "Legal" etc by selecting the pencil icon in the right-hand corner of each storage badge


Registration Vault 

In the same way, in which you keep a passport safe, it's essential for users to download and store their registrations for safekeeping as well. FileProtected users can download registrations at any time in their account. For added insurance users can also opt in to automatically store all registrations and the origin files in a Google Drive account.  A FileProtected registration folder is created in the user's Google Drive account. All registration files (except for Vimeo and YouTube videos) will be automatically copied into a folder on the selected Google Drive with the registration details. Keep them safe and don’t change them in any way.

TIP: You can open up a free Google Drive account and use it just to store your registrations for safekeeping

  1. Select the Registration Vault button
  2. Select one of your GDrive accounts
  3. Follow the directions


Email Registrations 
You need a Registration Vault to be able to register files via email. Please select a Registration Vault on the  Step 3 Storage page.

  1. Select the checkbox to enable your selected email accounts to automatically register email and attachments
  2. Simply add the email address as a BCC to emails to be registered
  3. Add the one or more email accounts that you want to use for registration to the list of Allowed Senders
  4. The registration will be stored in your Google Drive Registration Vault and be available in your FileProtected account



You can connect your Instagram account to register media by publishing with the #fileprotected hashtag

 Select the Blue connect button and follow the directions



Payment Service 

Connect your Stripe account to accept payments. If you do not have a Stripe account yet, you can create one during the process.