FileProtected (FP) represents the fastest, easiest, and cost-effective way of registering and establishing ownership of digital intellectual property, including but not limited to inventions, original literary and artistic works, concepts, and ideas. 

FileProtected provides an instant and automatic content registration service and then offers simple tools to protect, share, transact, monetize and deliver digital content securely. FileProtected use of the Blockchain is one part of an integrated feature set built to meet the demands of a new generation of digital content creators. 

FileProtected establishes accountability for all parties with verifiable proof of the existence, integrity, and ownership of any digital file, intellectual property, transaction or communication. FP helps to protect copyright, discourage infringement, reduce disputes, increase discovery, sales and work opportunities. 

FileProtected ensures all creative industry stakeholders who create, produce, own, traffic and transact with copyrighted or intellectual property can engage in trusted creative process and transactions with full confidence in the integrity of the assets being exchanged. They can trust that the ideas, original artwork, data and information being transferred are registered, verifiable, tracked and protected. FileProtected users always own, control and have possession of all their IP registrations, regardless if they cancel their subscription or FileProtected ceases to exist. To protect privacy, FileProtected does not retain any submitted user files. FileProtected only stores a digital fingerprint which cannot be read by anybody.